Frequently Asked Questions


Q. When is the best time to photograph a Newborn baby?

The best time to photograph a newborn baby is at 7-10 days old and preferably before 14 days. Photographing baby 7-10 days old will allow comfortably wrapping baby and curling into cute womb like poses, which will be much challenging after 2 weeks.

Q. I want to book Newborn session but my baby is older than two weeks, is it too late?

If you are booking a session with me and baby is already over two weeks old don’t worry, we will still get some amazing shots but babies older than two weeks sleep less and they might not curl up as easily as they are not as flexible anymore. Please keep that in mind if you have booked a session with me and baby is older than two weeks, so that you are not disappointed with the somewhat limited poses.

Q. When should I book my Newborn session?

The best time to book your Newborn session is when you are still pregnant. I will reserve a timeslot for you based on your due date. When baby is born, you or your partner can simply text me and I will adjust the booking day if needed. This way I limit the amount of Newborn sessions pre-booked in any one week so I can accommodate you when baby is actually born.

Q. How long does Newborn session last?

Newborn sessions usually last around 2 hours, depending on baby’s mood during the session and if parents and siblings are included in photos.

Q. Can parents and siblings be included in baby or newborn sessions?

Absolutely yes. I do not charge for extra photos including parents and (or) sibling on any above mentioned sessions.


Q. When should I have my maternity session done?

Schedule your maternity photo session to take place during your 7th to 8th month (around 31 to 36 weeks) of pregnancy. This way you will have a big beautiful round belly but you will still be able to move freely with little discomfort. You will be doing a lot of poses at your maternity photo shoot, some requiring you to lay down then stand back up.

Q. What should I wear for my maternity photo session?

You can bring your own outfits or if you wish, I can provide a beautiful maternity handmade dresses/gowns too. Please contact me for more info and I will give you detailed advice on clothing.


Q. How do I book my session?

You should contact me by email or call/text and we will arrange for a “pre-consultation” which is really just a chat about your session to discuss your requirements. We will book a time that works for us both and I will send information on preparation etc.

Q. When should I book my session?

It’s advisable to contact me with your preferred dates to check my availability and ideally at least two weeks before. For Newborns, book during your pregnancy as I pre-book just a limited number of newborn sessions per week.

Q. How long does it take for the photos to be ready?

Your photos usually take up to 3 weeks to view.

Q. Do you retouch images?

If you wish I will retouch blemishes and marks on the skin that are not permanent. I do not remove skin marks that are permanent as this is not my style.

Please contact me for more info, I am happy to answer any of your questions.